OVER20&Company. was founded in Ebisu in 2017 and opened an office in Toranomon the following year as a joint stock company.


Our mission is to Change the world, starting in your 20s, and we do this by creating and providing an environment where people in their 20s can flourish. In particular, the presence of mentors who support their growth is the very essence of our brand value.

They are the reason why we continue to grow.

We are looking for members who can help us realize our ambitious mission of changing the world in our 20s.


OVER20&Company. is looking for talented people who can support the growth of people in their 20s.


We are a start-up that does not yet have a great office environment, experienced members, or a well-equipped back-office, but we do have a solid track record of know-how and experience in supporting the growth and culture of people in their 20s.

Our mission is to support the 20-somethings who will change the world behind the scenes.

The 20-somethings who work here are also 20-somethings who will change the world. We clearly demand skills and output from our members.

Careers & Events

OVER20&Company. is currently actively recruiting. As a precaution against the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), all events and interviews will be conducted online. To find out more about the positions available, please see the "Available positions" section.

Entry and mid-level positions

OVER20&Company. is currently actively recruiting. As a precaution against the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), all events and interviews will be conducted online. To find out more about the positions available, please see the "Available positions" section.OVER20&Company. places great importance on the potential of the candidate in the selection process. (The recruitment process differs depending on the type of job, e.g. system development).


We are not looking for candidates with a specific background, anyone between the ages of 18 and 29 is welcome to apply.


Please send us your personal statement (in any format). A recruiter will contact you shortly. 

Work style

No leave provisions

Removal of the requirement to declare leave requests in advance and removal of restrictions on the number of leave days

No attendance system

Work remotely, wherever you want


All members take on the challenge of being "performance-based" rather than time-based, and aim to further increase productivity

First name basis

Communication is open and transparent, without hierarchy.

Stories of Professional Mentors

About us


We are the first professional mentoring firm in Japan to re-produce the mentoring know-how that has been adopted and developed by American companies since the 1970's. The more you attend, the clearer the path to the life you want. We are the first professional mentoring firm in Japan to develop a unique mentoring method called "OVER20 INITIATIVE" to unlock the potential of 20-somethings, who hold the key to Japan's revival. We are currently developing this as a toB service.

WHAT / なにをやっているか

望む人生は、1ヶ月60分で手に入れられる。 私たちの元を訪れた20代が、毎月1回60分のメンタリングにより1年を待たず次々と変貌を遂げています。 ・10回目 全国若手社員の中で年間優秀社員に選出された / 証券・営業 ←Before:入社直後、同期と比較し自信喪失。転職を考えていた。 ・1回目 嫌気がさしていた人間関係がまったく気にならなくなった / 不動産・事務 ←Before:陰口・暴言が多い職場に上昇志向が萎えはじめ、転職を考えていた。 ・8回目 ビジネスモデルを構築・部署をつくりあげた / コンサルタント ←Before:課題・やりたいことは見えていたが、どう実現していいか全く見えなかった。 「占いより、よほどいい」とクチコミが連鎖。 2017~2021年現在までに1,000人に上る20代を開花させてきました。 国内初のプロフェッショナルメンターを擁する次世代成長支援企業 アメリカ・海外企業のビジネスマンたちはなぜ生産性が高いのか。 その答えの一つが「メンタリング」です。 望む人生を手に入れるために、自身をまるでRPGゲームの主人公のように客観視し、進むべき道の発見・成長・達成を助けるメソッドがメンタリング。 アメリカ・海外に存在し、1970年以降発展し続けてきました。 そんな海外のメンタリングノウハウを日本型にリプロデュースした、国内初のプロフェッショナルメンターファームがOVER20&Company. です。 近年、日本にも産まれはじめているのがメンター = 師匠・指導者 = 人生経験豊富な先達が導く、いわゆる“経験を伝授していく”メンタリングサービスであるのに対し、「OVER 20 INITIATIVE」 はカウンセリングをベースとし、導く側の人生経験の伝授ではなく、導かれる側の脳内を整理・客観・解決策を提示する本格的なメンタリングメソッド。つまり“人のコンサルティング”です。 トレンドで根本は変わらない 本物で、日本を変えていく “カウンセリング”というとメンタルケアの印象が日本ではありますが、本来は、さまざまな固定観念や情報により凝り固まってしまった脳内を整理し、解きほぐすコミュニケーション技術であり、海外のメンターはカウンセリング技術をベースにビジネスマンの自己実現支援を行っています。 海外では、各企業にメンタリングルームが存在し、まるでジムに通うように積極的に活用する場所になっています。 エリートと呼ばれる人たちほど自分の専属メンターを数名持っていたりもします。 その本格的なメンタリングメソッドと仕組みを日本型にアレンジし、さらに20代に特化した独自のメソッドに昇華させたのが、「OVER 20 INITIATIVE (20代からの自発力に火をつける)」です。 日本独自の“下積み”文化につぶされてしまいがちな20代の潜在能力をメンタリングによって解放し、若手から企業活性化を図る斬新な人事戦略として、現在企業に展開中です。

The life you want can be yours in as little as 60 minutes a month.

We've had people in their 20s come to us for 60 minutes a month.

In less than a year, they have been transformed one after another.

The life you want can be yours in as little as 60 minutes a month.

We've had people in their 20s come to us for 60 minutes a month.

In less than a year, they have been transformed one after another.

  • After the 10th session: I was selected as the best employee of the year among young employees nationwide in Securities & Sales

Before: Immediately after joining the company, I lost confidence compared to my peers. I was thinking of changing jobs.

  • Coming to the first session: I was so fed up with HR that I didn't care at all anymore.

Before: I was thinking of changing jobs when I started to lose my upward mobility in a workplace full of talking behind my back and abusive language.

  • By the 8th session: we developed a business model and created a department

Before: I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't know how to make it happen.

"It's better than fortune telling," our students say.

From 2017 to 2021, we have helped more than 1,000 people in their 20s to blossom.

■We are the first professional mentoring firm in Japan

Why are employees in foreign companies so productive?

(Why are Japanese employees less productive?)

One of the answers is "Mentoring".

Mentoring is a method of helping people to discover, develop and achieve the life they want by looking at themselves objectively as if they were the hero of an RPG game.

Mentoring has existed abroad and has been developed since 1970.

OVER 20 & Company. is the first professional mentoring firm in Japan that has taken this international mentoring know-how and re-produced it for the Japanese market.

In recent years, mentoring services have begun to emerge in Japan, where mentors, or teachers, who have a wealth of life experience, guide people through the process of mentoring, whereas OVER 20 INITIATIVE is based on counselling. OVER 20 INITIATIVE is a counselling-based mentoring method that does not teach the mentor's life experience, but rather organises the mentor's brain, objectifies it and offers solutions. It is a full-fledged mentoring method. In other words, it is a "people's consulting".

■Trends don't change the fundamentals, we are the real thing and that is changing Japan.

In Japan, the word "counselling" is often associated with mental health care. However, counselling is a communication technique that helps people to unravel the stereotypes and information that have congealed in their brains. Mentors in other countries use counselling techniques to help people achieve self-fulfillment.

In other countries, there are mentoring rooms in every company. It's like going to the gym.

Some of the most elite people in the world have their own mentors.

We have taken this authentic mentoring method and structure and adapted it to the Japanese way of doing things called "OVER 20 INITIATIVE (Ignite your spontaneity in your 20s)".

Mentoring is the key to unlocking the potential of 20-somethings, who are often overwhelmed by Japan's unique culture of "underpinning".

This is a fresh HR strategy that is currently being rolled out, to revitalise corporations from their youngest employees, by using mentoring to unlock the potential of people in their twenties.

WHY / なぜやるのか

20代がつぶれれば、日本もつぶれてしまいます 生産性最下位 + IT後進国 + 高齢化先進国。 日本はあと50年もたないといわれる中、知力・体力ともに最高潮の時期である20代が活躍しなければ 国自体がつぶれてしまうことは自明です。 にもかかわらず、 「20代は下積み」経済が潤っていた時代の価値観により若手が歯車化 活躍できない 役割の分業化がさらに進み、得られるスキルがとぼしい 将来の保証もないのに終身雇用の頃とおなじ待遇 不満が募りやすい 20代は“自分たちは年金をもらえない”と覚悟している世代。 そのため、将来に備える思考を強く持っています。 稼げるスキルを身につけておきたい・実績を積んでおきたい・若いうちにしっかり稼いで貯金しておきたい、が優先事項第一位であるのは当然です。 にもかかわらず、企業の古い考えに足を引っ張られ時間だけを消耗させられ続ける。 モチベーションが一向に高まらない20代と、そんな20代を理解できない企業・経営者側の断絶は年々深くなっています。 この断絶を解決するため構築したのが、20代に特化した独自のメンタリングメソッド「OVER 20 INITIATIVE」です。 このスキルは、医者と同じ ​なぜやるのか、もう一つの理由。 それは、近年日本のビジネスマンの生産性を向上のために産まれはじめているキャリアコンサルティング・コーチング・メンタリングなどのビジネスに懸念を感じているためです。 このビジネスは、医者と同じです。 名医と呼ばれる人と、やぶと呼ばれる人がいるくらい成果は提供する人のスキルに大きく左右されます。スキルに言及していないこと自体、おかしいのです。 ところが、キャリアコンサルティング・コーチング・メンタリングなどのビジネスのどれもが、ビジネスモデル・仕組みで話が止まっており、肝心の、サービスを提供する人間の「スキル」に言及していません。 これらサービスは、1on1で人と対峙し、相手の心を取り扱う仕事です。 WHAT (なにをやっているのか) でもお伝えした通り、カウンセリングのスキルは必須であり、そのスキルによって成果の差が大きく異なるどころか、やり方によっては相手をつぶしてしまう危険性すらある仕事です。 私たちが「日本初のプロフェッショナルメンターファーム」として、たしかなスキルを持つ本物のメンターを育てていく機関になろうとしているのは、上記のような危機感・懸念を持つため。 プロとして、確かな価値を提供することにコミットできるメンターを日本にもっと輩出していくことで日本を立て直したいと考えています。

If the 20-somethings go under, Japan will go under.

Lowest productivity, IT backwardness and an ageing population.

It is said that Japan will not last another 50 years.

If people in their twenties, who are at the peak of their intellectual and physical powers, do not play an active role

If the people in their twenties, who are at the peak of their intellectual and physical powers, are not active, it is obvious that the country itself will collapse. Nevertheless

  • Young people have become obsecure by the values of a time when the economy was rich and young people could not play an active role

  • Further division of labour and lack of skills

  • The same conditions as when they had lifetime employment with no guarantee of the future. It is easy to become dissatisfied.

People in their 20s are prepared for the fact that they will not receive a pension.

Therefore, they have a strong desire to prepare for the future.

It's no surprise that the number one priority is to earn and save money while you're young.

And yet, the old ways of thinking within companies continue to drag the workforce down and consume time.

The disconnect between those in their twenties who are not motivated and those in their twenties who are not understood by companies and managers is getting deeper every year.

To solve this disconnect, we have developed OVER 20 INITIATIVE, a unique mentoring method specifically designed for people in their 20s.

■Mentoring is like being a doctor

There is another reason why we do what we do.

This is because we are concerned about the career consulting, coaching and mentoring businesses that have emerged in recent years to improve the productivity of Japanese business people.

There are two kinds of doctors, there are great ones that save your life and bad ones that risk it.

The results depend largely on the skills of the person providing the service.

It is strange that we don't mention the skills.

However, all of the other companies in the career consulting, coaching and mentoring business stop at the business model and structure, and fail to mention the "skills" of the people providing the service.

These services involve working with people on a one-on-one basis and dealing with their personalities.

As we said in the What section counselling skills are essential. There is a huge difference in outcomes depending on your skills. It's a job where you can make a big difference to the outcome, or even crush someone if you don't.

It is with this sense of crisis and concern in mind that we have decided to become the first professional mentoring firm in Japan to train real mentors with proven skills.

We want to rebuild Japan by producing more mentors in Japan who are professional and committed to providing solid value.

HOW / どうやっているのか

「OVER 20 INITIATIVE」は、いわゆるメンタリングやコーチングとは一線を画すメソッド。 イメージとして近いのは、コンサルティングです。 コンサルティングは、主に企業向けに現状を客観的に見渡し、課題を抽出し、クライアントがたどり着けなかった解決策を提示するビジネス。 それを、個人向けに施すイメージです。 このメソッドを最も必要としている個人が20代です。 なぜなら20代は最も迷いが多く、可能性を持つ年代だからです。 広大な、世の中という海にとつぜん放り込まれる せまい知見の中で選んだ決断が、正解かどうか確信が持てない VUCAという変化が激しく、将来も約束されない時代の中、さらに正解が見えない そんな状況の中歩き続けなければならない20代が欲しいのは、「自身の内面を整理するためだけの傾聴共感」でも、「不特定多数の先達の視野範囲が限定的かつ過去の時代有効だった人生経験」でもなく、自身と世界を客観的にとらえ知ることで得られる自身では見つけることができなかった「斬新な視点」。 自身がとらわれているパラダイムシフトを取り除き、自身の生きる世界を変えるほどの「斬新な視点」を提供してくれるメソッドです。 共に「斬新な視点」を探る旅に出る仕事 特徴はこの「斬新な視点の提供」という部分です。 メンタリングやコーチングは目指す目標があり、そこへの道順を説き進めるものですが、「OVER 20 INITIATIVE」は目指す目標を見つけるところからはじまります。 むずかしいのはその視点・目標を、メンター自身の経験をもとに導き出してはいけないというところ。 メンターもメンティー(メンタリングを受ける人)も想定もしていなかった視点・目標を共に見つけにいくイメージです。 そのため「OVER 20 INITIATIVE」のメンターには資格や人生経験は不要。 むしろ邪魔になります。必要なのは能力です。 メンティーの言葉に耳を傾けつつ得られた情報を因数分解し、自身の人生経験に“照らし合わさず”「解」を見つける、まるでむずかしい数学の問題を解いているような仕事です。 そのため私たちの提供する「MENTOR WORKOUT」は60分で疲労困憊になります。 センス・スキル・ロジカルシンキングを要するのはもちろん、自身の人生経験の押し付けにならないようにするためには、自分が経験してきた世界以外を広く深く知り、すべての情報をフラットに持ち合わせていなければなりません。 あらゆる業界職種・日本と世界情勢の知見を、メディアの情報をうのみにせず実際裏側でなにが起こっているのか常に仕入れ続ける探求心が不可欠です。 相当に高い能力が必要な仕事であるため、私たちはこの仕事を弁護士・コンサルタント以上に稼げる仕事にしたいと考えています。 独立した第三者機関としてはたらく 私たちは、企業に従属してはたらく存在ではなく、企業のパートナーとして対等にはたらく存在です。 なぜならば、20代社員にとって「なんでも話せる存在」にならなければ、OVER20 INITIATIVEは成立しないからです。 そのためメンティの相談内容を個人情報保護の上でない限り、企業側には一切伝えないことを徹底しています。 その代わり、メンタリングを通じて総合的に見えた企業の課題点やイノベーションにつながる情報を、経営者・企業担当者側にフィードバックし企業の発展に貢献していきます。 (メンティーに対する人をプロフェッショナルメンター、企業の経営者・担当者に対する人を法人メンターと呼んでいます) 近年、社員のエンゲージメントを数値化し管理する“マネジメント側のためのツール”を導入する企業が増えていますがOVER20 INITIATIVEは真逆。 個と組織の本音をダイレクトにつなげる、あらたな人事施策です。 日本から、20代を変え、世界を変える プロフェッショナルメンターがはたらく場所は、クライアント企業内ではなく社外。 虎ノ門にサロンを開設しています。 名称は [MENTOR WORKOUT]。 トレーニングジムのように積極的に活用し、人生をビルドアップしていく場所というイメージです。 清潔感あふれる特別な場所で、希望に満ちた未来のことを話す空間。 話に集中できることをファーストプライオリティーに、シンプルかつモダンで背筋が伸びるような空間デザインをイメージしています。 「OVER20 INITIATIVE」[MENTOR WORKOUT]を通じ、1人でも多くの20代に望む人生は手に入るということを知ってほしい。 1社でも多くの企業に、20代の活躍が企業と日本の発展につながることを知ってほしい。 そしてこのプロフェッショナルメンターというAIに代替えされることのないクリエイティブな職業をもっと世の中に知ってほしい。 結局、ビジネスは、人です。 ビジネスモデルや組織論は重要ですが、人のレベルが更新されていかなければ、日本ないし世界のこれ以上の発展はありえません。 そしてこの仕事は、人のレベルの更新に大きく寄与する仕事です。 ぜひ一緒に、人類の発展に貢献していきませんか。

OVER 20 INITIATIVE is different from so-called mentoring or coaching.

It is more akin to consulting.

Consulting is mainly a service for companies, where we take an objective look at the current situation, identify problems and provide solutions that the client has not been able to find.

This is what we do for individuals.

The individuals who need this method the most are in their twenties.

This is because the twenties are the age of most uncertainty and potential.

  • Being thrown suddenly into the vastness of the world

  • Uncertainty about whether the decisions you make are the right ones, given your limited knowledge.

  • In a time of rapid change and uncertain future, it is even more difficult to know the right answer.

What can we do in our twenties, when the experiences of the past are not applicable, how can we create a productive environment?

An objective view of oneself and the world

A "fresh perspective" that one could not find on one's own

Remove the paradigm shift that is holding you back

A method that provides you with a fresh perspective that will change the world you live in.

■Work that takes us on a journey together to explore "fresh perspectives".

Mentoring and coaching is about having a goal to work towards.

And then we tell you how to get there.

OVER 20 INITIATIVE starts with finding your goal.

The difficulty is that the perspective and goals should not be derived from the mentor's own experience.

The mentor and the mentee should work together to find a perspective or goal that was not previously anticipated.

That's why the mentors at OVER 20 INITIATIVE don't need any qualifications or life experience.

In fact, they are a hindrance. What you need is competence.

You need to be able to listen to your mentee's words and factor in the information you get.

To find a solution without comparing it to one's own life experience.

It's like solving a difficult mathematical problem.

This is why our mentoring is exhausting after 60 minutes.

It takes taste, skill and logical thinking, of course.

In order to avoid imposing your own life experiences on others, you must have a broad and deep knowledge of the world outside of your own experience, and be able to hold all information together.

You need to have knowledge of all industries, Japan and the world.

It is essential to have an inquisitive mind and to always know what is really going on behind the scenes.

It's a job that requires a very high level of competence.

We want to make this job more rewarding than being a lawyer or consultant.

■Work as an independent third party

Mentors do not work in subservience to a company.

They are partners of the company, working as equals.

Because If we don't become a place where people in their 20s can talk about anything

OVER20 INITIATIVE would not be possible.

That's why we don't share any of our mentees' concerns with their employers.

Instead, we have a comprehensive view through mentoring

and information that leads to innovation.

We provide feedback to the management and the people in charge of the company in order to contribute to the development of the company.

The mentors for the mentees are called professional mentors, and the mentors for the managers and managers of the companies are called corporate mentors.

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have introduced "management tools" to quantify and manage employee engagement.

However, OVER20 INITIATIVE is the opposite: it is a new HR policy that directly connects the true feelings of the individual and the organisation.

■Changing the world from Japan in our twenties

Professional mentors work outside the company, not within it.

We are opening a studio in Toranomon.

The name of the studio will be [MENTOR WORKOUT].

A place where our members can go to build up their lives.

A neat and special place, a space to talk about a hopeful future.

The first priority is to be able to concentrate on the discussion, so the design of the space is simple, modern and straightforward.


We want as many people in their 20s as possible to know that they can have the life they want.

We want as many companies as possible to know that the success of people in their 20s leads to the development of companies and Japan.

And we want the world to know more about professional mentoring

This is a creative profession that will never be replaced by AI.

In the end, business is about people.

Business models and organisational theories are important, but if the level of people is not updated, Japan and the world will not be able to develop further.

And this is a job that contributes greatly to the renewal of human development.

We invite you to join us and contribute to the development of humanity.